Get Out The Vote

For the last ten months the Indiana AFL-CIO has been running its Labor 2016 Campaign for worker friendly candidates. In that time we have made more than 280,000 phone calls, knocked on close to 45,000 doors, and sent out hundreds of thousands of mail pieces with our member-to-member program. 

As we near the home stretch of one of the most important elections of our time, we encourage everyone to get out and vote for our union endorsed candidates on or before Election Day, so in an effort to make one final push to get our members out to vote - some of our union volunteers told us why they plan to vote in this election to encourage all of you to get out and do the same. 

Its important to understand that every worker has their own unique struggle, but we must not forget that we are ALL in this together and that on November 8th we can turn the state of Indiana around for working families. 

So get out and make your voice count on November 8th!