2020 Labor Endorsed Candidates

Indiana State AFL-CIO Endorses Candidates for the 2020 General Election 
The Indiana State AFL-CIO is proud to announce our endorsements for the 2020 General Election. Endorsements are based on voting records, in-person interviews, and responses to a questionnaire issued to all candidates. Affiliates of the Indiana State AFL-CIO reviewed this information and voted for the candidates they think best embody the labor movement's values. 
“As Hoosiers grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and racial injustice, it is critical that we elect proven leaders who share our values,” said Indiana State AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies. “The Indiana labor movement has come together, studied the candidates, and made endorsements because we believe these candidates will be a voice for working Hoosier families. We fight for candidates who fight for us, so we'll do everything we can to ensure they're elected this November.”
This is the Indiana State AFL-CIO's first round of endorsements for the 2020 cycle and additional endorsements are to come. For voting information please visit HoosierWorkersVote.com and for more information about our Labor Candidate Program visit IndianaPathtoPower.com
Indiana AFL-CIO 2020 Endorsements

Indiana Governor
Dr. Woody Myers

Attorney General
Jonathan Weinzapfel

Indiana U.S. Congress
CD 1 Frank Mrvan
CD 2 Patricia Hackett
CD 3 Chip Coldiron
CD 4 Joe Mackey
CD 5 Christina Hale
CD 7 Andre D. Carson
CD 8 E. Thomasina Marsili
CD 9 Andy Ruff

Indiana State Senate
SD2 Lonnie Randolph (I)
SD3 Eddie Melton (I)
SD10 David Niezgodski (I)*
SD28 Theresa Bruno
SD30 Fady Qaddoura
SD32 Belinda Drake
SD33 Greg Taylor (I)
SD34 Jean Breaux (I)
SD35 Pete Cowden
SD36 Ashley Eason
SD40 Shelli Yoder
SD50 Vaneta Becker (I)

Indiana House of Representatives
HD1 Carolyn B. Jackson (I)
HD2 Earl Harris, Jr. (I)
HD3 Ragen Hatcher (I)
HD5 Donald R. Westerhausen, Jr.
HD6 Maureen Bauer
HD7 Ross Deal (I)
HD8 Ryan Dvorak (I)
HD9 Pat Boy (I)
HD10 Chuck Moseley (I)
HD12 Mike Andrade
HD14 Vernon Smith (I)
HD15 Christopher K. Chyung (I)
HD19 Lisa Beck (I)*
HD20 Tim Gust*
HD21 Ryan Liedtky
HD24 Naomi Bechtold
HD26 Chris Campbell (I)
HD27 Sheila Klinker (I)
HD34 Sue Errington (I)
HD35 Melanie Wright (I)*
HD36 Terri Austin (I)
HD39 Ashley Klein
HD43 Tonya Pfaff (I)*
HD51 Michael Stephenson*
HD60 Tiffany Grant*
HD61 Matt Pierce (I)
HD62 Alyssa Bailey*
HD66 Terry Goodin (I)
HD71 Rita A. Fleming (I)
HD75 John Hurley*
HD76 Steve Folz*
HD77 Ryan Hatfield (I)
HD78 Tonda Pauley
HD80 Phil GiaQuinta (I)
HD81 Kyle Miller
HD86 Ed DeLaney (I)
HD87 Carey Hamilton (I)
HD88 Pam Dechert
HD89 Mitch Gore
HD92 Renee Pack
HD94 Cherrish Pryor (I)
HD95 John Bartlett (I)*
HD96 Greg Porter (I)
HD97 Justin Moed (I)
HD98 Robin Shackleford (I)
HD99 Vanessa Summers (I)
HD100 Blake Johnson

* Union Member
(I) Incumbent