2021 Legislative Alerts


The 2021 Indiana General Assembly convened January 3rd and ramped up immediately with multiple pieces of legislation moving to committee hearings.  

Activity This Week and Last: 

SB1 CIVIL IMMUNITY RELATED TO COVID-19(Messmer, M) - Provides civil immunity for damages resulting from exposure of an individual to COVID-19 on the premises owned or operated by a person, on any premises on which the person or an employee or agent of the person provided property or services to the individual, or during an activity managed, organized, or sponsored by the person.

The Indiana AFL-CIO Testified last week (Not in favor of this bill) The bill passed Judiciary Committee 8-3 

HB1002 CIVIL IMMUNITY RELATED TO COVID-19 (Torr, J)- Protects health care providers from professional discipline for certain acts or omissions related to the provision of health care services during a state disaster emergency…

The Indiana AFL-CIO Testified (Not in favor of this bill) There has been no vote in the Judiciary Committee on this bill yet. This bill is much worse than SB1. 

SB129 (Sandlin, J) - Whistleblower reports. Allows an employee who is reporting misconduct concerning the execution of a public contract to make an oral report or a report by electronic mail. (Current law requires that such a report be in writing.) 

The Indiana AFL-CIO will be in favor of this bill. This bill passed the Labor and Pension Committee 8-3. 

Bills to watch out for: 

HB1234 (Torr, J) -Anti-PLA and RBO Legislation bill. 

Bills we are tracking: 


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