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Final Legislative Update – March 21st, 2022
The 2022 session is over! We can’t thank all of our affiliates enough for time spent at the general assembly and the steadfast attention and action taken by our members and activist. Fortunately, this year we were able to kill several pieces of anti-worker legislation and help pass a few pro worker bills as well! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we will be providing our annual score card for each legislator statewide.

Below you will find some of the key legislation we tracked at the statehouse this year.

HB1050- Authored by Rep. Torr Fair and open competition for public works projects. Anti-PLA-RBO bill. This bill did not pass.

HB1072- Authored by Rep. Behning School referendum dollars. This bill would have made public school share referendum dollars with charter schools. This bill did not pass.

HB1105- Authored by Rep. Goodrich Fair and open competition for public works projects. Anti-PLA-RBO bill. This bill did not pass.

HB1134Authored by Rep. Cook Education Matters. This was the bill where parents could opt-out of learning about slavery and teachers could not have opinions on stuff like Nazism, Fascism etc. This bill did not pass.

HB1153- Authored by Rep. Lehman Worker's compensation. Starting next year, we will be getting four 3% raises for a total of 12% in year four. This is the first time since 2016 there has been a raise in workers compensation. This bill passed!

HB1182- Authored by Rep. Prescott School Board elections. This bill tried to make people running for school board elections declare what party they are from. This bill did not pass.

HB1187Authored by Rep. Brown Gary Community Schools. This bill would have taken away the collective bargaining rights of Gary school teachers. This bill did not pass.

HB1251Authored by Rep. Behning Various education matters. This bill lets school system use Adjunct teachers which are not under the collective bargaining unit. Bad bill that passed.

HB1269Authored by Rep. Carbaugh Public works projects. Anti-RBO-PLA bill that was dead, but on the last day they tried to attach some of this bill to HB1260. In the Senate there were not enough vote to pass the bill, so they took out the Anti-PLA-RBO language. None of HB1269 language passed.

HB1368Authored by Rep. Morris Unemployment compensation. This bill would have made people on unemployment jump though several more hoops to receive it. This bill did not pass.

SB76- Authored by Sen. Boots Meet the confer for public safety employees. This bill added a mediator to disputes. Good bill for the Fire Fighters. This bill passed.

SB78- Authored by Sen. Boots 1977 pension and disability fund. Good bill for the Fire Fighters. This bill passed.

SB179- Authored by Sen. Jon Ford Automated traffic control system pilot program. This bill was sent to Way and Means, and they did not hear it. Would have been a good bill for road workers and we will continue to work to see this bill heard.

Next year will be a long session as it is a budget year. Thank you again for all your support, have a great summer and feel free to contact me anytime!

Shawn Christ


S/T, Indiana State AFL-CIO

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