President Voorhies Labor Day Message

Building Momentum and Creating Change
Dear Hoosiers, 

On Labor Day, we recognize and honor the achievements of America’s working people. In 2017, this annual celebration comes at a critical time for our nation. A time where collective action is on the rise, yet so are the attacks on our pay, health care, retirement security and rights on the job.

As we enjoy the fellowship of our loved ones at a barbecue, fireworks or other community event, it is also important to reflect on the ways working people can come together to create change and recognize that through our unions, we are stronger and more capable of the change we wish to see.

Unions have been instrumental in the fight to uphold dignity and respect, ensure health and safety, and create unity on the job. When unions are strong, the middle class is strong and when the middle class is strong we have the ability to demand an economy that works for all of us.

This Labor Day, as we celebrate the contributions of working families, let’s also pledge to do the hard work of organizing to transform our economy and build pathways through our unions for future generations to be successful.

Let’s not forget that the reason we enjoy weekends and holidays is because through collective action, working people fought for it.  

In Solidarity,
Brett Voorhies, Indiana AFL-CIO President