Pres. Voorhies' Message to Mike Pence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday October 21, 2016 
CONTACT: Brett Voorhies, 317.435.3333

President Voorhies calls out Pence for touting 'economic success' on Twitter

In the wake of yet another manufacturing plant here in Indianapolis tentatively announcing its move to Mexico, Governor Pence is out running a campaign with labor's arch nemesis, Donald Trump. And while 350 workers sit idle awaiting a definitive answer on whether or not they are losing their jobs, Governor Pence is touting Indiana's economic success on Twitter. 

In a tweet released by Mike Pence this morning, he stated that he is "grateful to every company that chooses to start or expand operations here, and thankful for a Hoosier workforce that is second to none." 

While the number of Hoosier jobs lost in Indiana hovers right around 2,500 in just the last six months, Mike Pence is bragging about our workforce and praising companies like Carrier and United Technologies for picking up our tax dollars to run across the border to Mexico where workers are paid slave wages. 

Is this really the leadership we want in our state? As Eric Holcomb has stated countlessly, he is "quite proud" to run on Pence's record and that is not a record that is popular with labor. 

Nontheless, statements like that just assure us that new leadership is absolutely necessary to the survival of the Hoosier middle class. 

So I encourage you, vote for worker friendly candidates down the ballot this election. 

Vote like your job, your wages, and your future depend on it - because it does. 

In Solidarity, 
Brett Voorhies, President