Statement on Recent NLRB Decision

Brothers & Sisters,

While we have all been out campaigning to get worker-friendly candidates across the finish line in the upcoming midterm election, Trump’s appointed National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] tried to sneak one past us by ruling union picket lines illegal - hammering yet another nail in the coffin of this administration’s full-blown attack on workers’ rights.
In addition to the looming threat of National Right to Work, this ruling is another blatant attempt to further dismantle organized labor by disenfranchising workers’ from standing up to corporate greed. As the President of 300,000 hardworking union members in Indiana, my job is not only to ensure workers have the right to form a union so they have a voice in their workplace, it is also my job to protect their right to collective action when those rights are violated.
If this isn’t a motivating factor to get out and vote in the upcoming election, what is? This administration is stripping our rights in front of our faces and we have the opportunity to do something about it. Take your concerns to the ballot box on November 6th and vote against an extreme anti-worker platform to ensure your rights and dignity stay intact.

In Solidarity,
President Brett Voorhies